This duck used to be a ‘stick’ to help a blind dog and they became best friends, however something happened to the duck that left the dog alone


This dog has an unusual friendship with a duck. They met each other while wandering on the street alone after being left by their owners. Their paths then got crossed together that led them to always depend on each other wherever they go. They will look for food during the days, and shelters to sleep during the nights.

It is heartbreaking for everyone who realize that the dog is actually blind. However, the duck never seemed to leave the dog alone. Without the duck, the dog may find it hard to search for food. The duck then acted as a ‘blind stick’ for the dog to depend on when they were both looking for food.

The duck’s kindness has always helped the dog to continue its life as it may be hard for it to survive alone. However, they were always disturbed by naughty children who often throw stones at them.

Until one day, the duck was found dead in a pile of garbage and it was probably because of the naughty kids. It was heartbreaking to see how sad the dog was to accept the loss of its own best friend. The dog sat near the duck and never wanted to leave.

Fortunately someone who is kind-hearted discovered the dog and decided to take him home. Now the dog has lived a new and better life, far away from any disturbance especially from the naughty kids on the streets.

Text: Wanee Hassan / Good Times


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