This 59-year-old Filipino man with no legs directs traffic using deformed arms


A man in the Philippines with no legs and deformed arms has earned praises for dedication to his work as a traffic aide.

Magdalino “Onkol” Borces, 59, born with deformed hands and no legs, was offered a job as a traffic aide at Barangay Kasambagan, in Cebu City, Philippines. He started the job in April with pride and determination, the GMA News Online reported.

Perched on an outpost specially made for him, he works in the heat and under pouring rain, wearing a traffic glove on his deformed left hand. Many motorists who saw him were inspired by his dedication to his work.

The chief traffic enforcer and Barangay Captain Franklyn Ong said in a documentary by GMA Public Affairs that he wanted to help Onkol because he was smart, hardworking, and patient.

Onkol gets to work by using a modified tricycle that allows him to use his good hand as a pedal. He works from 6 am to 6 pm with two breaks a day and earns PHP 2,000 (approx. US$39) a month.

The income is sufficient for himself and his niece who washes his clothes for him every day, while his other relatives provide food to him. His parents passed away when he was young, and he has no wife or children.

This determined and a strong-willed man has proved that disability actually lies in one’s way of thinking, rather than in one’s physical body. He is indeed an inspiration!

Photos Credit: Facebook | Front Row.

Watch the video of this strong dedicated worker below:


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