This man punches three holes on a winter melon and gets teased by his friends. Surprisingly, the winter melon enables him to get good profit?


By: Wanee Hassan / Good Times

A man punched three big holes on a long winter melon and was doubted and laughed by his friends on its usage.

Nonetheless, surprisingly, he could make good profit out of it! How? Check out his method below to see how he can capture something delicious by using this magic melon.

First step, this creative young man makes a cut on the winter melon. Then, he carves three holes and inserts a colander, or a funnel-shaped net to each hole. Then, he binds the colander with steel wire so it does not fall.

Both ends of the winter melon are pierced with bamboo sticks.

After that, he put it into the river.

Half an hour later, when he pulls out the bamboo stick, clearly as you can see, the winter melon actually acts as a trap for freshwater lobster or crayfish.

According to the young man, he can earn a lot of cash in one day using this method. Clearly, his creative idea can be followed by the youth in the village who want to venture into this field. For those in the cities, you may visit the prawn fishing shops, but don’t put a winter melon inside the pool please.

As a bonus, here’s another method:



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