Meet the world’s most beautiful horse – that looks like it has been dipped in gold


Have you ever discovered a horse with a shiny coat like burnished gold? Astonishingly, this horse right here looks as if it has been dipped in a gold paint. However, this is a real horse originated from Turkey.

The horse is Akhal Teke, a horse breed from Turkmenistan and it is a national symbol for Turkey.

This endangered breed is among the oldest horses in the world because they used to live in ancient times. Currently, there are about 6,600 Akhal Teke horses around the world and most of them are from Turkey, Russia, Europe and North America.

This particular horse has a beautiful soft coat that gleams in the sunlight. That is why the horse goes by the name ‘The Golden Horse’.

For your information, these horses were once used as a war horse when Turkey opposed the Russian Empire because these horses had the speed, endurance and dexterity.

Fun facts about ‘The Golden Horse’:

These breeds are endangered breed and there are only thousands left in the world right now, thus the people in China refer this horse as ‘The Horse from Heaven’.

This horse’s foot rhythm is not the same as the other horses’ and researchers who brought this breed home to America are still in the process of studying this matter.

According to ‘International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding’ the reason for its shiny shimmer lies in its physical arrangement of its hair which is so soft and act as a light intensifier that tosses back the light rays.

This horse does not feel hungry or thirsty easily because it has lived in an age where water and food resources were very limited.

Reported in 1935, a group of horsemen was riding horses for 16,000 kilometres in 84 days. The journey includes three days of crossing the desert as far as 1,500 kilometres without water.

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