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This young girl is willing to work hard at a construction site. What’s her motivation to do such hard job?


The young generation nowadays is often labeled as a ‘spoiled’ generation, but not for this girl who has proven herself that although she is young and being a girl, she is willing to work hard to buy her own house.

In fact, the pretty girl named Xiao Mei also does not want to burden her parents and is willing to work as a laborer at a construction site.

Her determination in owning her house is so strong until she is willing to work hard as a laborer and do the unimaginable hard job for any young girls, or even for young men.

She doesn’t want to surrender to fate due to her gender, and limit herself with only the less physical jobs.

Photos of her working on site went viral in the Internet and has caused numerous discussions that why there are many strong men still stay at home and not willing to work hard.

Imagine how heavy the bricks are for a young girl like Xiao Mei.

Besides lifting bricks, Xiao Mei also works on cement at her workplace.

She is a great girl.  Xiao Mei has proven that women can do anything that goes beyond the boundaries to get what they want.

Perhaps Xiao Mei can inspire women out there to live independently without relying on anyone. She could be putting many men to shame as well.



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