The mother of two died after taking this last selfie in a heartbreaking tragedy


This image is the last selfie taken by the 41-year-old Carmen Greenway.

The selfie was taken when Carmen was riding her bike home from a nearby pub after celebrating her mother’s birthday with her family.

Shortly thereafter, Carmen felt from her bike and her skull cracked!

Sherry Bennett, her mother, witnessed the horrific incident with her own eyes.

Bennett said, Carmen cycled just 100 meters away from home. She likes to take selfie and upload to social media.

Carmen was rushed to the hospital in Paddington, but after six days, she died of serious injury.

Her husband, Rufus Greenway, 47, said her wife often ride a bike home from the pub and she was very familiar with the path where the accident happened.

However, according to Greenway, his wife may be somewhat overconfident with her skill and she was obviously riding the bike one handed when she was taking the selfie.

Greenway added, his wife could have survived the accident if she was obliged to wear a helmet.

Because of this tragedy, he is taking steps to convince the government to enforce the law of wearing helmets for cyclists.

Carmen, who is also the mother of two boys, went to the pub with her mother to celebrate her mother’s birthday. It was supposed to be full of joy, unfortunately, it finally ended with tragedy due to negligence that could be easily avoided.

Dear readers, if you are reading this, please take the complete safety precautions when you are riding a bike and tell your friends if they are bikers. A single mistake could take our precious live away and our loved ones will suffer the pain, so be very careful and mindful not to take selfie in risky situations.


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