【Video】 After 18 years of living in the woods, what happened to this woman, is remarkable!


When we first heard that there are people living in the forest it seems absurd. There are no human beings who are willing to live in dangerous habitats of animals. Her life can only be threatened by wild animals.

What about her social life? Does she not need to communicate especially with friends? Is not man the creation that needs socialization? Various questions come to mind after hearing about the story of this woman …

Believe it or not, Emma Orbach of Wales has decided to leave everything she has and make the decision to stay in the forest.

In the jungle she relies heavily on nature for her to continue living. The appearance and manner of dressing also look quite different compared to other humans who live normally.

Emma now lives in a simple and natural homemade of mud and wood.

In addition, Emma also ate whatever she found in the forest. Sometimes she gets good food like chickens and goats.

For those of us who see it may feel that what’s done is painful and troublesome but not for Emma.

She is surrounded by nature without limitations. During the day she was accompanied by sunlight or chirping birds in the forest, during the night, she is satisfied to see and enjoy the glitter of the stars in the sky.

Emma also did some activities there. She rears livestock and also cultivates small farms to meet her basic needs.

Most people might assume what this woman does is crazy and absurd. Who is willing to leave the comfort of living in the city just to live in the forest?

But for Emma she managed to find the happiness and inner peace that she had never felt throughout her life in the city.

If she is happy with her chosen way, why should we judge the decision?

Good Times


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