Incredible Speed of Chinese models stuns the world


Time is money. Well, this is very true especially for people in China because people work very hard there.  You might be shocked to find out this also applies to the modelling industry there.

Amateurs like us take long time to post for a photo shoot but the professional models for Chinese online shopping mall Taobao perform a super quick 30 poses every minute, while the rapidly-snapping camera trying to catch their posts.

New videos of the incredible process become viral in the Internet. People is amazed by the professionalism demonstrated by these beautiful Chinese model.

It’s known that the models are required to try up to 150 outfits in a day and make more than 700 poses. The job is lucrative one for the top models, who may earn up to USD1500 per day for intense work. Great pay! 

We wish we can do this in our daily work too and go home earlier to see our family. Don’t you think so?

Chinese Model Photoshoot

A Taobao model shows how to get a photoshoot done fast

Posted by Shanghai Expat on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fast! Taobao Model's changing body posture!

Fast! Taobao Model's changing body posture!P.S. Using foot to hook the bag up is very professional!#VideoFromChina #taobaomodel

Posted by Marketing & Sourcing China on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

See how fast models changing body postures!

See how fast models changing body postures! #taobaomodel #china

Posted by Marketing & Sourcing China on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Below are some photos from Taobao online shopping mall:

Image Source: Taobao


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