Heroic cat walked through fire to save her 5 kittens in garage fire!


When an abandoned garage caught fire in Brooklyn, what one fire fighter witnessed touched the hearts of thousands … Indeed, the heroic actions of a cat demonstrated that sometimes, animals are more brave hearted than humans!

The fire department responded to the emergency, brought the fire under control and extinguished the flames quickly.

While they were handling the situation, one of the fire fighters, David Gianelli saw a cat carrying its kittens away from the area of the blaze, one by one.

The cat itself appeared to have been very badly injured in the process. Her coat, paws and ears were badly burned and her eyes singed shut.

After bringing them to safety, she was seen touching each of the kittens with her nose to ensure they were alive. She then fell unconscious.

Gianelli was so touched by what he saw that he took the entire family to a veterinary clinic at The North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York.

Sadly, one of the kittens, the weakest one, succumbed to its wounds and passed away. The cat, now named Scarlett and her four kittens recovered within three months and were then fit enough to be adopted.

Scarlet was adopted by Karen Wellen, who herself had been a victim of a road accident and had lost her cat shortly after. She was only interested in adopting an animal with special needs.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 1997: Scarlett the cat, whose eyes were singed shut from saving her kittens when the building they were in caught fire; her eyes are now fine. (Photo by Taro Yamasaki/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Scarlet died on October 11, 2008. She was around 13-years-old. In her honor, The North Shore Animal League created an award named the “Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism,” awarded to those brave animals whose heroic acts have benefited others. She was also featured as a main character in a book, “Scarlett Saves the family.”

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